Wizards IRL - A Warning


Wizards IRL is a raiding guild on Frostmourne, who operate "carry" scams on paying players.

The most common form of the scam is for guild leadership to direct its carry raiders to avoid looting the bosses directly, which forces any loot which would have dropped to be delivered by mail instead, thereby skipping the in game chat alert and hiding the loot from the unaware buyer.

We strongly recommend you avoid the players organising the scam, who are Angryzz (Angryzz#1710) and Papatrox (Atrox#6522).

*Update October 2022 - We have confirmed former Wizards IRL scammers have created a new classic WOTLK guild 'dumb idiots', accordingly we now also extend this warning to all interactions with that guild also.

*Update July 2020 - We have confirmed former Wizards IRL scammers have created a new Frostmourne guild 'Hydra', accordingly we now also extend this warning to all interactions with that guild also.

Youtube Discussions:

The story has been discussed by a number of Youtubers in the wow community.

Simplify - Youtube Video

Asmongold - Youtube Video

Incoming Updates:

Images of a third party conversation with one of the victims of the scam, and a seperate conversation between Angryzz and the same victim.

*Redacting business name, while it is public knowledge, the facebook page associated with the business has been shut down. We do not believe displaying it here provides any value for the reader to the wider story.

Some good news!

Third hand images of conversation between player Sepelio from the Frostmourne guild Honestly and the scammed player Zaydes, wherein Sepelio condemns the actions of WizardsIRL and offers a free carry to the Zaydes. Nice job Honestly, GG!

A word from Husky

We have been provided images of a whisper from player Husky (the one who streamed the scam), further distancing themselves from the leadership of WizardIRL.

Here is an additional image showing a conversation with Husky about their reasoning for their actions.

We continue to receive messages from multiple sources which argue the complicity of the wider team, but on balance without direct evidence of same it would be irresponsible to present them as fact. But equally the decision of Husky to hide/delete previous broadcasts undermines the credibility of their 'innocence', and brings into question how long this scam operated.

A word from Trox

We have been provided images of a discord announcement by Trox who is a member of the WizardIRL leadership team, and one of the architects of this scam.

Unfortunately he seems to have forgotten the words "I am sorry", which the victims of this scam no doubt deserved to hear.

A word from a WizardsIRL raider

We have received an email from a member of the raid team.

"Im a former raider at wizards who confronted the officers about what happened and gotta say, pretty dogshit move they pulled and think the hate going towards Trox and Angryzz is very warranted."

"Just wanted to give an idea of how many people actually knew about what was going on, ive seen what husky has said and she is very right, only a small group knew what was going on, people didn’t start catching on until raden and since then their discord has a lot of raiders asking why it happened and a bunch have left already because they think it was bs, I even heard a few have contacted the buyer gave him back the cut they got from the run but I cant confirm that."

"I would give my in game name but trox has been abusing people for speaking up and defending husky and condemning what happened. I want to avoid them harassing me. The people who planned not giving the raden weapon were trox, angryzz, younz and acro. No one else was aware until maybe just after the clip ended and people started asking questions. For the nzoth weapon is was for acro for his fury set is why they weren’t looting it until the buyer left."

A word from another victim

We have received an email from a victim of the scam earlier in the run, and an accompanying image of a bnet conversation between the victim and Angryzz.

This email details the 10% deposit, of the 6,000,000 gold:

"I paid a 10% deposit of 600K to be carried 12/12 with mount. He guaranteed me loot, and ran me Wrathion and Maut this week only as he was full, and plans to slot me in next week for another full clear."

The email continues, describing that wrathion dropped a trinket he wanted but it was not traded to him.

"I needed both trinkets, but after confirming via the chat that the wrath trinket dropped, I still was not traded with. He (Angryzz) did not reply to that."

The below image shows the victim confronting Angryzz about the trinket, Angryzz referring the victim of this "deal" to the guild Medium, and Angryzz struggling to explain his way out of the lie.

Angryzz admits only a 'slight intention to deceive'

We have been provided an image of a discord announcement by Angryzz who is a member of the WizardIRL leadership team, and the primary architect of the scam that you can hear in the evidence linked above.

His excuses do little to address the mountain of evidence which has presented itself, nor does it offer his victims anything by way of apology.

Scammers move to new guild 'Unfortunate - Frostmourne'

It appears that some of the Wizards IRL scammers, including some leadership have moved to the guild 'Unfortunate'.

We therefore extend a scam warning to all interactions with this guild.

*Update: Leadership from guild Unfortunate, has reached out asking us to explain the decision to extend the warning to their guild. We have provided the following reasoning.

In its most concise form, the reason for the warning is that you decided to recruit both Acrow and Trox. In a real world situation, once someone is found to be operating fraudulently in a company, they typically find themselves "blacklisted" or aggressively unemployable in that industry. While we think its reasonable to assume some in the former team might not be deserving of being both tarred and feathered, in this instance both these players are clearly involved, aware and benefiting from the scam. Furthermore we believe it is fair to display a warning to any potential consumer who would do business with any organization who exposes themselves willingly to fraudulent players.

Angryzz starts new scam guild 'Hydra - Frostmourne'

We have confirmed that Angryzz along with previous Wizards IRL scammers have set up a new scam guild on the frostmourne server known as "Hydra".

Let us know:

If you have any additional information about this scam please let us know by email at (elf.recital417@4wrd.cc).